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Party Garb: Using Key Pieces to Dress Up!


From my cyber-friends at RealSimple comes this helpful slideshow, Festive Outfits for the Holiday Season. And when I say “helpful”, I mean it: the focus is on using just one key piece—which may very well be in your closet already— to create new party-worthy ensembles. The clothes they show include links to buy them, and with prices starting at just $50.00, these options are practical and affordable!

The slideshow categories are The Colorful Dress, The Embellished Jacket, Dressy Pants, The Black Dress, and The Long Skirt (the photo below is one example).

Long skirt

The Long Skirt. Remember Sharon Stone wearing a fancy long skirt and jewels with a plain white shirt (from the Gap, I think) to the Oscars?? At $198.00 (the slideshow said $149.00), this is the priciest item in the slideshow, and you can find it on Piperlime. (Click the photo to go directly to the slideshow.)

Just reading over the list of categories makes me think of things I already have that could be enlisted; I certainly have been making more Colorful Dresses lately. But it also makes me aware of the categories in which my current wardrobe is a little deficient— I blush to say I don’t even own a Little Black Dress at this moment. (In my defense, as I’ve previously written about, I have been trying to reduce the number of black items in my wardrobe. But still…)

I’m curious… what do you have in your closet that fits into one (or more) of these categories? Does this slideshow give you new ideas for wearing things you already have? Or will you be adding a sparkly new garment to your wardrobe this holiday season? And for that matter, how many of us have lots of holiday parties to go to? (I always wonder about that when I see features about dressing/cooking/decorating for a holiday season hypothetically crowded with festive events.) Personally, I’m more likely to use my Colorful Dresses at tango-based fetes than at more traditional parties, but at least I’ll be prepared!

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2 thoughts on “Party Garb: Using Key Pieces to Dress Up!

  1. Enjoyed the slideshow – merci. I have dressy pants, black dress, and a sequin top in my wardrobe for holidays – can’t believe the season is just around the corner!

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