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About Me

A little about me: I’m Lindy, and I’m like many of you: I like to sew, knit, crochet— pretty much anything to have the kinds of beautiful, unique clothes I crave. I’ve been making clothes since I was 5 or 6 years old, teaching myself to knit and sew. There is something to be said for learning the hard way (trial and error), but why not benefit from not only my past experiences, but also from the projects I’m currently working on? I’ll be showing you how I create my own clothes, whether I’m sewing a garment from scratch, altering or recycling an existing item, or simply re-thinking how I use a particular garment in an outfit.

You say you don’t sew or knit, and truth be told, you have no interest whatsoever in any kind of -cycling? I’ll bet you do some shopping! So you can still have fun (and learn a thing or two) following my adventures, because I’m including my ideas for smart clothes shopping, color palettes, and wardrobe creation too.

A little about my work: So far, my work combines photography, color, and knitting, thusly: I do a lot of photography work, including creating montages from my photos, then I create color palettes inspired by my photo/graphic designs, which translate into my line of unique yarns and knitwear patterns.  Uniting all this diversity is my writing, primarily how-tos based on my own personal projects and insights thereof.

Hire me! I’m currently writing web-content articles, as well as more magazine articles, and I’d welcome more writing opportunities. Specifically (and ideally), I’d love to work with you on project tutorials, especially involving making over/upcycling clothes; see my Makeover Monday posts here on CYC for examples.

To find out more about me, my professional background, and what I can do for you, visit my LinkedIn page here:

And here’s where to find the various aspects of my work (click on a name to open in a new window):

Photography: Photo/Graphic Design

P/GD on Facebook

Color palettes: Colormusing (This is a super-new site!)

Colormusing on Pinterest


Yarn/Knitting: Knittique, Inc.

Knittique on Facebook

Knittique on Etsy

I’d love to connect with you on any or all of these pages, by the way. I’ll see you there!

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lindy, because my wife is a seamstress, I find you very easy to read …but, also quite enjoyable! 🙂 ~Paul

    • Thank you, Paul! I do try to include much more than sewing-related things here, even the occasional essay— hopefully there is something here for almost everyone. (We all wear clothes, right? And in the course of doing your work, I would think you’ve seen many examples of people whose style of dressing was holding them back from success.) I really enjoy your daily quotes, by the way! ; )

  2. Hi – Trying to find the article you did on how to organize your closet, but without success – also cannot find your email address to send this message without commenting. Can you please send me the post link you did? Thanks.

    • Salut! I’ve got 2 posts on closet organizing. One has a link to a RealSimple article (click here to read that post); the other is the one I did about my own closet (click here to read that one).

      I’m trying to keep the number of categories under control, so articles like these are usually found under “General”. Je suis désolée that you had so much trouble finding what you were looking for!

      I’m glad you mentioned the e-mail address issue— I hadn’t realized that wasn’t visible to readers. I’ll check that out here in a minute and see if I can fix it. Meanwhile, you can e-mail me at

      Merci et a bientot,


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  4. Hi Lindy, Just stopping by and letting you that you have a new follower! I am in awe of the creativity of your blog topics. Looking forward to being inspired! ~Thea

  5. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and liking my recent post ‘Word a Week Challenge entry – Clouds’ Your support is appreciated! You have an interesting creative process – I look forward to exploring your blog further in the future 🙂

  6. Lindy!… if you have a spare minute, we would love to hear your feeback on our blog 🙂 .. follow this link for a very quick survey:

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  8. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award (for bloggers from bloggers) because I think you are made of awesome sauce… see link here if you want to participate…


  9. Hi Lindy,

    Thanks so much for the recent blog follow. It has led me to your interesting blog, which I am now following.

    I used to love to sew. In high school, I made all of my clothes. It’s fun to read about your experiences.

    I look forward to more of your posts.

    Happy blogging!


    • Hi Nancy! Thank YOU for following me, and for your so-nice comments!

      I hope you will find something useful here; I try to include lots of things other than sewing projects. And I’d love to know what topics/projects/etc. you’d like to see, so please feel free to give me your suggestions!


  10. Hi lovely!

    Thank you for your continued support and following Glitter’s Wall of Fame. Just a quick update to notify you that Glitter’s Wall of Fame is now A Style Diary, you can visit the new blog on The new platform is as a result of growth of the old blog as well as providing a better channel for sharing more fashion, beauty, lifestyle inspirations and other cool stuff 🙂 !

    Please come over and follow on the new site and lets make the blogging world a mega fun and interactive space!

    Banké x
    A Style Diary

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