Changing Your Clothes

Shopping, Sewing, Upcycling, Repairing: Make the most of your clothes!

About CYC

You and your clothes… it’s a love/hate relationship. You love the way a dress looks, but not the way it fits. Or the color of a sweater is fantastic, but the neckline just looks wrong. Maybe you’ve found an amazing skirt at your favorite thrift store, but it has a noticeable stain in an awkward spot. What’s a clothes-loving girl to do?

Changing Your Clothes is all about discovering the creative possibilities that already exist, right in your own closet! Everything I post here is my own projects, the solutions I find to my real-life clothes quandaries. (And I have a lot of those.) Follow my fashion-filled adventures as I alter, repair, knit, sew, recycle, reimagine, and reinvent my own wardrobe– and find fresh inspiration in your own closet!

It’s about time to change your clothes— and love them all over again!

How to find your way around Changing Your Clothes:

1. Starting at the menu, click on the category (Color Palettes or Sewing, for example) that interests you; this will bring up every post relevant to that category.

2. To show all posts at once: click on the Home button (upper right) which will bring you here: Or click About CYC on the menu, then click here: Changing Your Clothes (you might want to bookmark this).

11 thoughts on “About CYC

  1. I have a question for you – this occurred to me today as I was walking my dog. It’s cold here, so I typically wear a warm cable knit hat that fits over my ears or a beret/beanie that’s warm. However, as you know…it doesn’t protect my skin from the sun like my “summer hat” (a large garden hat or wide-brimmed beach hat), and I sometimes forget the sunscreen in the winter. Besides always wearing sunscreen (which I should do anyway!!), is there a winter hat style that is warm and also provides sun protection for the face? Thanks, D

  2. we love your blog – and your new gravatar picture! so fab!!

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