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Who Am I, Anyway? Part 4: ‘Do-ing It Differently

In my previous posts in this series (there’s a list of links at the end of this post if you want to catch up), I first confessed to being in a state of confusion about my identity, particularly as it’s expressed in my wardrobe.

Next, trying to bravely face myself, as it were, I created silhouettes of myself so I could begin visualizing how various styles actually look on me.

And in Part 3, I introduced you to my new style icon, Christina Hendricks, whose body type is quite similar to mine, and whom I admire for her willingness to dress the body she has, as opposed to hiding her curves.

Which brings me to this week’s major step forward in this process:

I got my hair done. Continue reading


At the Salon: Changing More Than My Hair!

I’m sitting at my salon, under a dryer, with more foil wrapping than a Thanksgiving turkey– and have still managed to change someone else’s clothes! (Talk about multi-tasking!)

Details: Silvana, my wonderful stylist, was about to put on her apron when I arrived. She said she thought she’d have to get rid of it, because the Velcro strip (for adjusting the length of the neck strap) was ruining her clothes, snagging everything it touched. I took a look.

Before: the Velcro strip from hell!

Before: the Velcro strip from hell! You can actually see threads on it where poor Silvana’s clothes got snagged. (You’re looking at the underside of the bib of the apron.)

You can see the Velcro strip here. I thought it would be pretty easy to fix: just remove the part of the strip that was exposed (she’d already adjusted the size). Naturally, she had plenty of scissors, so I got to work.

I carefully snipped each stitch, and voila: In less than 3 minutes, the snagging problem was eliminated!

During: removing the Velcro

During: removing the Velcro. This simply involved snipping the stitches that held it in place, one at a time, being careful not to cut the fabric underneath.

So Silvana’s apron looks fabulous, and it won’t snag her tops! Oh, and I’ll let you know how my hair turns out. ; )

After: Velcro under control!

After: Velcro under control! (It’s still there, under the neck strap shown here; I just removed the excess.)

P.S. My hair looks as fab as Silvana in her apron!