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Goodwill Hunt, Part 2: The Loot


Okay, it’s not Thursday again already, but this is the promised follow-up on last week’s Thrift-Shop Thursday post, in which I explored a fabulous Goodwill boutique in the hipster-cool Hawthorne neighborhood of Portland. (Don’t you love the store displays?) Today, I’ll show you what I bought, and finish off my review of this hard-to-believe-it’s-a-thrift shop!

You know how it goes with thrift shopping… feast or famine, right? Some days the shopping cart runneth over, and on other days, you regretfully leave with nothing. This experience was a kind of hybrid of the two; I did find several wonderful things— for my daughter, who was with me on this shopping safari. One girl’s bust can be another girl’s bonanza.

First, this will give you a sense of the variety and quality I found throughout this Goodwill boutique:

Trying things on

Exploring what’s available. At left, Valerie is trying on an adorable vintage wool boucle jacked with mink collar (lined in silk, price: $24.99.). To the left of the mirror is a gorgeous BCBG silk blouse (also $24.99). And on the right, I won the traditional who-will-be-the-first-to-find-cashmere race when I spotted this J. Crew lilac cashmere pullover for $39.99!

It was just Valerie’s day, and apparently also the day for coats! Here’s the first one I found, and I may say, she told me later that as soon as she saw this fabulous take on the classic trench, she (and I quote) perked up— it made her smile!

Valerie's trench

Valerie’s fun little trench! (Isn’t it very neo-archaeologist?) She loves it so much, she had the tags cut off so she could wear it out of the store! It’s cotton duck, also lined in cotton, and priced at $39.99. The rest of her goodies are in the bag she’s carrying, starting with…

… a beautifully simple oyster-white Ann Taylor knit top:

Ann Taylor top

Ann Taylor knit top. It’s made of a stretchy, substantial blend of rayon/nylon/Spandex. Price: $14.99.

Note: Yes, the prices in this boutique are unquestionably higher than in regular thrift shops, but after thoroughly inspecting the merchandise, I can understand why. Not only is there a preponderance of unique pieces and high-quality designer and manufacturer labels, but I didn’t see anything like a rip, stain, missing button, or any other kind of damage on anything in the store. Clearly, there is some detailed editing going on here. And I’m familiar enough with lots of good labels to know that these items are still being offered at bargain prices.

Then I found this winter-weight wool coat, tucked in between the faux furs and vintage pleathers:

Winter coat

Winter coat in a luscious shade of subtly-tweedy raspberry wool. It’s in amazing condition, with equally amazing details (see additional photos below), will likely last for years, and the price was $69.99! If this was for me, I’d shorten it by about 8″, but Valerie prefers this classic mid-calf length. (By the way, she actually loves this coat; she just doesn’t like having her picture taken.) This mirror was conveniently placed just outside the dressing rooms.

Winter coat details

Winter coat details. In addition to the seaming features and partial belt on the back of the coat (bottom), this coat has a beautiful lining made of viscose (in perfect condition— believe me, I checked), extra buttons, and one of my favorite high-quality finishes: piping between the lining and the coat facing.

Lest you think I left the shop completely empty-handed, here’s the one thing I bought for myself: a lovely, slightly funky Bakelite rose ring in the perfect shade of coral/red/orange.

My rose ring

My rose ring! The band is fairly wide and I believe it’s a copper/bronze mix. The rose itself, which doesn’t look as dimensional in this photo as it actually is, appears to be made of Bakelite (which I love). Price: $9.99.

I’m so impressed with this store! The ladies working there were friendly and helpful, surprisingly so, considering how busy the shop was while we were there. One explained the somewhat unusual organizational system to me; clothes were grouped first according to type (skirt, sweater, dress), then by color, with sizes mixed up together, other than the plus-size section.

As I mentioned in the previous post about this boutique, the thought and effort that went into all the displays in the shop were truly impressive— a far cry from the throw-’em-on-the-nearest-rack feeling in so many of the warehouse-style thrift shops I’m used to. And after learning that they receive new merchandise every night, I predict that shopping in this fantastic Goodwill boutique will become a regular event for me!

Note: If I’m ever hired/compensated for mentioning any business, store, website, etc., I will always tell you up front. That’s not the case here, or for any business mentioned to date on this blog. Just wanted you to know that!

Author: Colormusing

I'm a writer, color palette creator, and designer of fashion, lingerie, graphics, knitwear patterns, and yarn.

4 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunt, Part 2: The Loot

  1. Just a very positive observation. I am so loving your blog photography. The photographs are adding so much to your wonderful text. Well done! ~Thea

  2. Love the detail in the red coat!

  3. Hi,

    Your posts have inspired me to check out my local Goodwill store. I’m an exercise fanatic who is always looking for more DVDs and equipment. I’ve heard that Goodwill stores are a good place to look for that stuff.


    • That’s a great idea, Nancy! Next time I’m in a thrift shop, I’ll look for DVDs myself. When I was at that Goodwill last week, I noticed they had a large rack with nothing but workout clothes, including Ralph Lauren, among many high-quality names.

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