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Dress Up! Flattering Options for Every Shape


Just in time for warmer weather (ahem… are you listening, Portland?), I give you this wonderful slideshow from Refinery29, featuring summery frocks to rock every figure!

Aside: I have to admit that I’m uncertain which category I fall into; am I a Carrot, an Hourglass, or a Botticelli Babe? (And is it wrong of me to prefer the latter, just because I like the sound of it?) Is a Botticelli Babe a cross between a Carrot and an Hourglass? But seriously… I often find it difficult to put myself definitively into one specific category, but maybe that’s because I don’t like being easily defined. Is it just me? End of aside.

Here’s one of my favorite looks, even though it’s not for my body type (or is it?):

Dress for a Carrot

A summer dress for a Carrot. I might just wear this regardless of my body type; it would be flattering on many figures. (Image courtesy of Refinery29. Click on the picture to see the whole slideshow.)

I’m personally most intrigued by the tips for using strategic placement of prints and color-blocking (you know that’s my favorite) to instantly change how you perceive your proportions; looking great in your clothes is, after all, much more about proportion than about size. Really.

Reminder: As of this week, I’ve decided to alternate my Makeover Monday and Thrift-Shop Thursday posts on a weekly basis. This week was Makeover Monday week, so next week, you’ll find a Thrift-Shop Thursday post on (you guessed it) Thursday. Don’t miss it!

Author: Colormusing

I'm a writer, color palette creator, and designer of fashion, lingerie, graphics, knitwear patterns, and yarn.

4 thoughts on “Dress Up! Flattering Options for Every Shape

  1. I really like that dress! I tried to figure out my body shape from the slideshow, but I don’t really know. I’m in the process of recreating my entire wardrobe, so it’d be interesting to know.

    • Well, since I firmly believe that clothes should always make us feel good, I’m thinking now that maybe working backwards from our clothes might help. In other words, pick a garment that makes you feel wonderful every time you wear it, and try to analyze why; this should give you a starting point. For example, if you have a dress that makes you feel super-long-legged, is it because it has a high waist? If so, it could be that you’re in the short-torso category. After saying all that, though, I do think it’s possible that many of us don’t fit perfectly into one category or another, so I would consider those categories to be general guidelines, not rules carved into stone.

  2. Great dress and interesting looking at the slideshow – thanks – I really need to clear out some clothes from my closet!

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