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More Winter Warmers: Styling Up Your Cold-weather Gear

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As much as I always look forward to cold weather (at least since I moved away from Ohio’s sub-zero winters), I’m sometimes stymied when it comes to giving all those sweatery layers a good dose of style. Let’s face it… the practicalities of dressing for winter weather tend to outweigh my parallel urge to make a fashion statement. If I’m starting with, say, a thick (read: less than shapely) sweater, how do I raise the style quotient without sacrificing warmth?

Refinery29, bless their fashionable hearts, sent me this slideshow today, showing 7 fantastic ideas for giving your cold-weather staples a glam upgrade. Here’s one of my favorites (and an answer to my previous sweater question):

Chic Winter Layers

Great idea for layering a thick winter sweater, courtesy of Refinery29! (Click on the picture to go to this picture in the slideshow.)

This example shows a fantastic way to take that winter pullover from practical to party-perfect, and it’s primarily done with accessories: necklace, cross-body bag, sexy heels. And note that all these elements are (a) all in the same color family, and (b) small and/or light, including the sheer black shirtdress layered under the sweater; this helps to create visual proportion, by balancing the bulk of the sweater.

Check out the entire slideshow for more ideas, from a new way to tie a scarf to a clever way to layer a sleeveless dress for winter!


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One thought on “More Winter Warmers: Styling Up Your Cold-weather Gear

  1. Love the long sweater look and the coral color,and the ankle strap shoes!

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