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Doing a Warm-up: Winterizing Your Clothes


Here’s a great question from 24/7 in France: “What about really cold winter weather? I get tired of wearing turtlenecks and sweaters over them all the time— any ideas? I’m traveling soon to cold weather.”

I’ll do a more extensive follow-up on this later, but for now, I’ll offer this suggestion: silk long johns. When I was living in Ohio on a horse farm, I was down in the barn for the daily chores, which, in winter, involved trying to ward off frostbite in -20 F temperatures. I was uncomfortable in really heavy, thick clothes; I don’t like the feeling of being weighed down, not to mention that layer upon layer made it harder to move around.

Silk long john top from WinterSilks

Silk long john top, Warmth Factor 5, from WinterSilks; this is just one style and color of many available. And they have styles for men, women, and children! (Click the photo to see all Warmth Factor 5 styles.)

Silk long johns were by far the best solution I found. The ones I like best are almost as thin as pantyhose, so there’s no extra bulk under your regular clothes, but the difference they make is almost unbelievable. Unexpected bonuses: they form a protective layer between you and wool layers (a plus for people like me who can wear wool, but have sensitive skin), and they’re fantastic for travel, taking up very little suitcase space!

Many skiers and hikers use silk long johns, so they can be found at sporting goods stores, but my favorites are from WinterSilks; they’re very reasonably priced (tops and bottoms starting at $29.99 each), and they last— I still have the first set I bought over 12 years ago! (Contrary to popular perception, silk is a very strong fiber.) And I noticed on their website that there’s a selection of pieces offering an additional $5.00 off when you buy a set!

Special note for Ms. 24/7 in France: I checked about international shipping (on their Customer Service page), and here is what it says: “We ship internationally. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-718-3687 and we will calculate your shipping charges for your international shipping address.”

I’m already working on a new post with more ideas for winterizing your wardrobe. (Hmm, maybe I should think about a summerizing version for my Australian friends…) Meanwhile, please visit 24/7 in France, for an inspirational, informative, and entertaining look at la vie en Nice!

Author: Colormusing

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3 thoughts on “Doing a Warm-up: Winterizing Your Clothes

  1. I use silk long johns when it is cold and they work great. I got mine for a lot more at REI.

  2. Funny, I too had a horse farm and wore silk long johns while working and riding; I have a pair in my suitcase to take to Paris to stay warm – thanks for the response and for the blog referral. Looking forward to more great clothing tips from you!

  3. My mom always wore these . . . a great tip! 🙂

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