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Easiest Weekend Dressing Ever!

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Okay, we now have no excuses left for looking sloppy on the weekends! Refinery29 has put together 5 outfits, each comprised of the following pieces:

1. Jeans

2. T-shirt

3. Flats

4. Sweater

5. Accessories (handbags, jewelry)


Easy Weekend Outfits

Easy weekend outfits, courtesy of Refinery29. Each is based on jeans, T-shirt, sweater, and flats, with handbags and a little jewelry thrown in.

Click here to see the slideshow.

As I look at all 5 outfits, I can see that the strategy is to focus on one really special piece; in most of these examples, it’s a printed T-shirt, but in some, it’s a fabulous piece of jewelry. So if we think of building the whole look on a foundation of just one standout item, letting the other pieces play supporting roles, getting dressed for the weekend (or really, almost any time, since these ensembles look so great) doesn’t seem like that big a deal— but dressing this way is a huge improvement on baggy sweats and grubby sneakers! (Ooh, sorry, forget I even mentioned those!)

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