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Fresh from Fashion Week: Multimedia Looks!

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I just got this link from Shopbop. It’s a slideshow of some amazing multimedia effects, creative combinations of textures, colors, and silhouettes. Yes, these are high-fashion looks, so I send this along primarily as inspiration— just think about incorporating a single idea from these total looks.

For example, in the first photo (the model with the golden statue, below; clicking on the photo will take you directly to this page of the slideshow), maybe you love the idea of the sky-high burnished-gold boots, but simply don’t get how you can work them (let alone the entire outfit) into your pick-up-the-kids-stop-for-groceries-make-dinner days. Try applying the concept instead: glimmering bronze-finish statement earrings, or perhaps a great belt with a big, gleaming golden buckle.

Gold Boots, via Shopbop

Via Shopbop: One of the multimedia looks in this inspiring slideshow.

In looking through this slideshow, I also noticed details that could be translated into fun DIY projects. For example, the boots with feather trim (below; clicking on the photo will take you directly to this page of the slideshow).

Feathered Boots, via Shopbop

Via Shopbop: Feathered boots!

Okay, living in Portland, it’s hard to see the practicality (especially with the rainy season coming up), but what if I made an elasticized loop, like a large bracelet, really, and attached an assortment of feathers to it? Then I could just slip it on over my boot when weather permits. Possible bonus: I might be able to actually wear such a thing as a bracelet! I’m learning to see creative possibilities in these high-fashion shots, rather than just the impracticalities, which, I’m sorry to say, is usually my first reaction.

My general concept, relative to looking through fashion spreads like this, is that you can take an element of a look (say, the combination of different textures, like mohair with leather), and translate that in an easy way via accessories; this can also be achieved by simply re-thinking combinations of the garments and accessories already in your closet. That silk blouse you always tuck into a pencil skirt and wear with classic heels? Try belting it over a slim pair of jeans, add suede boots and a chunky, tweedy cardigan. Now that’s multimedia!

And p.s.—you’ll look fantastic at your dinner table too!

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