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Santa Fe Wardrobe: A Post-Trip Review


Now that I’m back from Santa Fe, I realize that I need to follow up on my previous posts about creating my travel wardrobe for this trip. (See the following if you want to catch up: Santa Fe Travel Wardrobe: Color Palette, and The Fabrics & Projects. I also posted ideas for shopping for this wardrobe: Shopping! and Shopping 2: $49.95 or Less! Meanwhile, I’ll get all these photos ready to show you.)

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that my actual travel wardrobe turned out almost exactly as I planned it; I’ll give more details about the changes as we go. First, here are photos of the pieces I packed: tops, bottoms, dress.

The Tops

The tops; it’s unusual for me to wear prints at all, so you can see I’m trying to push myself! (I made the one-shouldered silk tunic and the sage and lavender cap-sleeve knit top.)

The Bottoms

The bottoms: bootcut jeans, my Origami skirt (a kind of hybrid skirt/pant piece— very cool), pale sage green wide-leg linen trousers with side stripes. (I made the skirt and trousers.)

Print Jersey Dress

Print jersey dress; although this print introduces new colors into the wardrobe palette, it has enough colors in common (bronze, greens) that it works, without being too matchy-matchy. (I made this dress.)

This print dress represents the only major change in my wardrobe plan; even though I did make the bronze/pewter jersey dress (shown near bottom) that I had originally planned for this trip, I reluctantly decided it was a bit too glamorous to function as a day-into-night dress. So I switched it for this print one that I made not long ago; I thought it would serve well as something comfortable enough to wear with flats in the daytime, but could also be dressed up for evening. (And it doesn’t need ironing— always a plus for me!)

Now I’ll show you the actual outfits I put together during the trip, in the order in which I wore them, and with details about what I wore them for. (I was at a workshop for writers and artists, with basically no idea before I got there of what time off we would have for sightseeing, etc. So I really had to guess what I would need.)

First up: airplane outfit. I usually plan to wear my bulkiest items on the airplane, partly to save space in my suitcase, partly because I’m almost always cold on airplanes. I also choose my shoes carefully; these boots, even with the ribbon ties, are amazingly fast and easy to pull on and off going through security. And I packed my turquoise necklace,which you will see in every other outfit, to avoid having to remove it (the clasp is kind of tricky).

Airplane Outfit

Airplane outfit: jeans, teal knit top, hand-knitted wrap, leather ribbon-tie boots.  Note the lack of jewelry. (I designed and hand-knitted the wrap.)

First full day in New Mexico: since registration wasn’t until 4:00 p.m., my hotel roommate and I decided to drive up to Taos (about 75 miles from Santa Fe) for a couple of hours. Here’s what I wore, and incidentally, the weather throughout my stay was sunny and 85-90 degrees:

Day 1 Outfit

Day 1 outfit: linen trousers, asymmetrical print jersey top, flat sandals, turquoise necklace. I wore this to drive to Taos for lunch and walking around, drive back, register for workshop, and attend first session.

Day 2 outfits: workshops all day…

Day 2 Outfit

Day 2 daytime outfit: Jeans, one-shouldered print silk tunic, turquoise wedges, turquoise necklace. (You can’t really see it in this photo, but the print actually has bits of turquoise outlines here and there.)

… and into Santa Fe proper to browse an arts-and-crafts fair on the Plaza before heading to a fabulous dinner:

Print Jersey Dress

Day 2 evening outfit: print jersey dress, with interesting (but walking-comfortable) red shoes and my ubiquitous turquoise necklace, this dress is ready to stroll the Plaza and go to dinner.

Day 3 outfit: workshops all day…

Day 4 Outfit

Day 3 daytime outfit: Origami skirt, print cap-sleeved knit top, turquoise wedges, turquoise necklace.

… and “wining” around a campfire after dark:

Campfire Outfit

Day 3: after-dark campfire outfit: I kept the same top, switched from Origami skirt to jeans, added the hand-knitted wrap, and flat sandals.

Day 4 outfit: morning workshop, lunch, closing event.

Day 4 Outfit

Day 4 outfit: Origami skirt, teal knit top, red shoes, turquoise necklace.

Oh— I was going to show you the bronze jersey dress that I made, that was supposed to be part of the original wardrobe. Notice how amazing it looks with the turquoise accessories!

Bronze/pewter jersey asymmetrically-draped dress

Bronze/pewter jersey asymmetrically-draped dress: I love the way the pewter lining peeks through the slits on the sleeve and the back of the neck, and also the way the turquoise shoes and necklace pop! Even though this dress didn’t make it into my suitcase this time, it surely deserves a fabulous night out!

By the way, all these clothes, plus swimsuit, nightwear, undies, etc. fit easily into one medium-size suitcase. (I like to travel well, but light.)

Outside of traveling light, I have one rule for my travel wardrobes: I must wear each piece I brought at least once. (In my mind, this translates to successful planning.) In this case, other than wearing the same outfit on both travel days, there was little repetition; I wore the Origami skirt twice, and the jeans 3 times (counting travel days). And a note about my beloved turquoise necklace, which you can see I wore with every outfit: this necklace provided the jumping-off place for my wardrobe color palette. So theoretically, anything that went with the necklace would work in this wardrobe. And interestingly, if you look at the print jersey dress, in which print there is no turquoise at all, the necklace nevertheless looks fantastic with it! This shows how starting with a specific palette makes not just the planning, but the wearing of your travel wardrobe all the easier! Bon voyage!

P.S. I’d love to hear about your travel wardrobe ideas. What worked (or didn’t)? What about climate differences, and having to pack for business as well as pleasure? Tell me all!

Author: Colormusing

I'm a writer, color palette creator, and designer of fashion, lingerie, graphics, knitwear patterns, and yarn.

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  5. What about really cold winter weather? I get tired of wearing turlenecks and sweaters over them all the time – any ideas as I’m traveling soon to cold weather.

    • That’s a really good question! I’ve got some ideas for you, but that would make for an excessively long comment, so I’m going to do a quick post on this topic in a few minutes. And I’ll plan to do a more in-depth follow-up. Thanks for asking!

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