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Food Coloring: Just Beet It!

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All right, maybe I’m taking this color obsession a little too far… Yesterday, when I was visiting my sister up in Poulsbo, Washington, we were enjoying a wonderful home-cooked lunch at her house that included many young, delicious vegetables from her garden (and a chicken). This locovore’s delight included a dish of beautiful beets, regular (or whatever the red ones are called) and golden, together on a platter, thus:


Beets, part of a delicious lunch at my sister’s house. Little did she know…

I couldn’t help it. I grabbed my camera. And now I’m sure you can see why. With fall fashion excitement building as I type, could there be a more enticing color palette?

Here’s how these gorgeous beets translate into an actual palette:

Beets Me palette

Beets Me palette, created on ColourLovers

How can you use this color palette? Well, if you already have, say, a burgundy leather jacket, try adding a bright gold scarf the next time you wear it. Or maybe you can find a wrap dress with a print that incorporates this palette. How about adding an oversized wine-colored bag to an outfit of deep crimson skinny jeans worn with a persimmon-colored tweedy sweater?

Enough fashion chat. Right now, I’m just hungry. Ooh, I know: one of those multi-colored layer cakes that are so popular right now!

Don’t laugh! There just might be a fantastic new color palette lurking on your dinner table tonight…

Author: Colormusing

I'm a writer, color palette creator, and designer of fashion, lingerie, graphics, knitwear patterns, and yarn.

One thought on “Food Coloring: Just Beet It!

  1. I thought the beets were beautiful, but the palette is gorgeous.

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