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Santa Fe Wardrobe: The fabrics & projects


Now that I’ve chosen the color palette for my Santa Fe travel mini-wardrobe, let me show you how that translates into fabric. (Yes, it’s true that I plan to sew most of this wardrobe, but stay tuned for the shopper’s version in my next post! I will also show you how I incorporated several items from my existing wardrobe into this travel collection.)

Remember my palette? Here it is again, below the fabrics (plus my turquoise necklace) with the palette colors:

Palette Fabrics

And here are the fabrics, with the deep olive (far left), silk print (second from left), and pewter (far right) added:

Palette Fabrics with additions

Once more, this time adding another print (lower right) and 2 gold silks (lower left):

All Palette Fabrics

I might mention here that I already owned several of these fabrics: the deep olive silk twill, silk print, bronze/gold jersey, and the 2 gold silks. (Those gold silks, by the way, a charmeuse and a chiffon, I bought as remnants, each 1/4 yard; I’m thinking of combining them into a large scarf.) And the sheer stretchy print in that last fabric photo, I bought as an alternative lining for the bronze jersey dress (the pattern suggested stretch chiffon as a lining fabric), but decided to use the pewter jersey instead; if I have time, I’d like to make a nightgown from this print, possibly lined with the off-white Lycra I rejected as a lining for the bronze dress. (Whew! Does even the President have to handle decision-making like this??)

Next time, wardrobe fans, I’ll show you other pieces for this wardrobe, including accessories, already in my closet! And, as promised, I’ll create a wardrobe based on my Santa Fe palette, but shopping for pieces online!

Finally, here are each of the basic palette fabrics, shown individually with the patterns I’m using:

Silk Twill Skirt

Silk twill skirt

Silk Print Tunic/Cover-up

Silk print tunic/cover-up

Linen Trousers

Linen trousers (the full-length ones)

Silk Charmeuse/Chiffon Bias Top

Silk top (the sleeveless one with contrast neck drape, lower right of pattern)

Jersey Dress

Bronze jersey dress with pewter lining (I’m making mine knee-length)

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I'm a writer, color palette creator, and designer of fashion, lingerie, graphics, knitwear patterns, and yarn.

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