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Changing a Pattern 3: Details

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So far, the changes I’ve made just to get ready to make my jersey dress (Vogue 1305, photo 1) are:

1. Decided to make shorter version (long was the only length the pattern came in);

2. Chose to use a contrast lining, since some of the lining may be visible, due to slits on the sleeve and center back;

3. Chose a larger button than called for (closed with a bias fabric loop which can easily be made larger), being careful to choose one that’s both washable and lightweight.

(Details of the above are in Changing a Pattern; details of the process of shortening the pattern are in Changing a Pattern 2.)

Today, the final detail I need to deal with is that long slit in the center back of the dress, you know, the one that goes from the neck all the way down to there. Tres sexy indeed, but how does one wear a bra with it?? I decided that slit needed some closure (but then, don’t we all?).

The first thing I thought of was that I could put in an invisible zipper (my favorite kind for most things); this would give a nice clean finish, and be much easier to install than a regular zipper, considering the stretchy jersey fabric.

Then I thought, wait– why does it need a zipper at all if the fabric is so stretchy? It would also add a little weight to the seam, which might cause buckling, not to mention potential difficulties with finishing the lining around the zipper. Why make it harder than it needs to be?

Simplest solution: keep the slit, just make it much shorter! My slit will go from the back of the neck only down to just above the bra line, about 6 inches or so. This will be more than enough to easily get the dress over my head, allow me to use my beautiful rose button, and maintain the original intent of the design. Voila! Everyone’s happy!

I’ll be posting photos of this dress when it’s done. Meanwhile, feel free to post any questions and/or comments you have about this project, as well as about your own projects, if you have issues. We can figure it out!

New project coming up: Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a capelet… or an overskirt!


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I'm a writer, color palette creator, and designer of fashion, lingerie, graphics, knitwear patterns, and yarn.

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