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Changing a Pattern

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Here are my project challenges du jour:

First issue: I have a dress pattern (photo 1) that requires 3.75 yards of fabric, but the matte jersey fabric I want to use (originally bought for another garment) is only 2.25 yards long (photo 2).

Solution: the pattern only has one length (maxi), but I wanted it to be shorter anyway, so I’m starting by chopping off pattern parts. Rather surprisingly, I was able to fit the shortened pieces in the 2.25 yards!

Second issue: this dress is completely lined, but since there are slits on the sleeve and center back (and on one leg in the long version), the lining would show at least a bit. So the off-white jersey I already had (photo 3) was not very inspiring.

Solution: I went shopping. I was thinking of something like turquoise or teal to go with the gorgeous greeny-gold-bronze color, but after 3 fabric stores, I wasn’t finding anything that was making me jump up and say hello. Plan B: At the third store, where I had bought the original jersey, I found the exact same fabric in a deep pewter; next to the bronze, I was feeling a mixed-metals kind of vibe (photo 4). Sold!

Final supplies-related issue: a button for the back neck closure, which fastens with a fabric loop; so I was looking for a shank-style button. I wanted something decorative, but not too heavy (considering the fabric weight, even with 2 layers).

Solution: I found this beautiful pewter-colored (but washable) rose button (photo 5) that is perfect, especially since the rose is a significant symbol for me!

Next up: how I’m making changes to the pattern itself, as well as to certain design details, such as the long back slit: how does one wear a bra with that??






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